Martín Rangel - and i was born water and i was born the flower of loogies

[y nací agua y nací flor de escupitajos]

and i was born above the color blue
and my sense of smell
i was born in another country
twenty years gone
and i was born again here
twenty years gone
i never wanted to
be eternal
i served more realistic purposes
like pleasure
or poetry
i did some semesters of a degree
i stared at the sun until my eyes fell apart
i still have things to say now
like i’m too alive
and i don’t want to run out of time
but even more than that i don’t want any extra

there’s not enough love in the world
never has been
besides that, no problems
the currency will stabilize
they’ll free some prisoners and jail some others
the oppressed will oppress and so on
don’t worry
the worst thing about things is they always
get back on track